The visual solutions of the towers were designed by the Japanese architectural company Nikken Sekkei. The YURAGI concept “variability” was selected as the main motive in the design of the towers.

To communicate the changing nature by shifting certain elements up-down-left is a traditional Japanese method.

Shifting the planes of the walls left and right in a random order gives the space of the tower a special typical rhythm, harmoniously combined with the rich natural environment.

Special attention was paid by the architects to the creation of the top floor. To emphasize the height, lightness and airiness of the tower the penthouse area was shifted deep into the main building, which will also create terraces with stunning views.

Particular attention is paid to the facade lighting of the towers at night. Lighting, mounted on the roof, forms a sort of “crown” of the building, which no doubt will give it a unique and distinctive look.

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