of the project

The visual solution of the towers was developed by the Japanese architectural bureau NIKKEN SEKKEI. The YURAGI “variability” direction was chosen as the main motive in the design of the towers.

The placement of the facade elements in random order gives the tower space a distinctive rhythm, harmoniously combined with the rich surrounding nature.

Particular attention is paid to the design of the upper floors. In order to emphasize the height, lightness and airiness of the tower, the zone of penthouse apartments has been shifted deep into the main contour of the building, which allowed to create terraces from which stunning views open up.

At night, the facades of the towers will be illuminated. Devices built into the roof will form a semblance of a “crown” of the building, which, undoubtedly, will give it a unique expressive appearance.

Public space and entrance groups

Development of the design of the entrance groups, lounge zones and other public spaces was realized with the participation of the Japanese architectural bureau NIKKEN SEKKEI.

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