On the upper floors of the LIFE-Botanical Garden 2 residential block, luxury penthouses and premium class apartments are located. A stunning city panorama that combines a diverse urban landscape and a rich natural landscape located near the Main Botanical Garden plays an important part in creation of the inimitable atmosphere of penthouses.

The proximity to nature and the highest standards of comfort, a sense of complete isolation and amazing bird’s eye views, panoramic glazing and bold design solutions – the penthouses in the LIFE-Botanical Garden 2 residential facility project are addressed primarily to customers who attach exceptional importance to the style of life and individual solution of personal space.

Penthouse is an opportunity to always be on top and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views.

Penthouses in the LIFE-Botanical Garden 2 residential facility are one of the best projects on the market in this housing category segment. Free planning, panoramic windows, ceilings from 3.8 meters, private terraces and the ability to equip a real wood-burning fireplace - all this are the penthouses in LIFE-Botanical Garden 2 residential facility.
lots - 12
Area of apartments
122 to 207 sq.m.
Terrace area
10 to 29 sq.m.
Ceiling height
from 3.8 m

Premium apartments

High life quality is inherent in every successful person. And comfortable high-class housing is one of this quality components.

Premium apartments in the LIFE-Botanical Garden 2 residential facility is the embodiment of a new living standard and the desire for self-expression. The offer includes 57 lots with ceilings from 3 m high, with an area of 67 sq.m. to 199 sq. m. Buyers will appreciate the breathtaking views from the windows and the opportunity to become their apartments
lots - 57
Area of apartments
67 to 199 sq.m.
Ceiling height
from 3.8 m
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