Trade-in from Pioneer Group of Companies and Azbuka Zhilyz real estate agency is the most appropriate solution for those clients who want to use their old apartment as a credit for a new one.
Using the trade-in service, the buyer gets a real opportunity to improve his/her living conditions significantly and to move into an apartment with a modern layout, a new communication system, developed infrastructure, etc.
You can buy real estate under the trade-in program in any residential block of LIFE.

How it works:

  1. choose your favorite apartment;
  2. enter into a paid booking agreement;
  3. without waiting for the old apartment to be sold, enter into a trust management agreement and make a 10% advance payment;
  4. the real estate agency will conduct an active campaign for the old housing sale during three months;
  5. upon expiry of the three months, deposit the remaining amount using the proceeds from the old property sale.

Why is it convenient:

  1. Fixed price
    After the contract has been concluded, the price of the selected new apartment is fixed.
  2. Advantageous
    The paid booking amount is already included in the purchased property price.
  3. Fast and professional
    Full legal support of the transaction at all stages. Professional evaluation and quick sale of the old apartment.

Azbuka Zhilia real estate agency is one of the largest real estate agencies in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The Company has been on the real estate market since 1997 and has five branches in Moscow. A wide network of offices and many years of experience gained by the Company’s employees enables you to quickly address any objectives on the market.