The residential quarter LIFE-Botanic Garden is located in close proximity to the northern entrance to the metro station “Botanichesky Sad”. In 2016, near the complex, the platform of the Moscow Central Circle “Botanichesky Sad” opened. In the region there is a far-reaching network of land transport, there are convenient entrances to the main highways: Prospekt Mira and Third transport ring.

Next to the quarter there are several cozy parks: The Tsytsin Main Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences, Sviblovo manor, Leonov grove, as well as the renovated Garden of the Future, where complex improvement will soon be completed.

Also Pioneer Group will improve the section of the Yauza embankment, which runs between two stages of the LIFE-Botanic Garden quarter. The park will become a new center of attraction for the whole region, a network of hiking and bicycle routes will be created, and modern recreational areas will appear.

At the southern entrance to the metro station “Botanichesky Sad” Pioner Group is building a commercial infrastructure as part of a transport hub. Here the company will build an apart-hotel YES, a shopping and entertainment complex and a business center. The residential and commercial parts of the project will be combined with well thought out hiking trails.